Medical Micro-Needling works in a similar way to Fractional Laser by making thousands (>90,000) tiny assaults to the lower skin but leaving bridges of normal untreated skin to generate new collagen. It is the ultimate in NATURAL REJUVINATION as it works with your own body to help renew itself.
At FACES we use SKINPEN, the first FDA APPROVED micro-needling device, so you can be assured of an expert and SAFE treatment.
At FACES only TRAINED DOCTORS OR NURSES carry out the Micro-needling enabling us to provide expert ADVANCED TREATMENTS to deep wrinkles and scars. We also use Micro-Needling in combination with other modalities (PRP, Retinols and pigment correctors) to treat troublesome AGE SPOTS and PIGMENTATION.
We will be happy to talk you through the benefits of Medical Micro-needling for your skin concerns. For best results we recommend two or more treatments 4-6 weeks apart.
When combining Medical Micro-needling with PRP (as in the so called Vampire Facelift) we believe it is better to do the Micro-needling a week before hand to help induce collagen and increase the effectiveness of the PRP.