Dermal Fillers

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) occurs naturally in most tissues of the body including skin, Joints and eyes.
It used to be extracted from the combs of cockerels but is now made synthetically from non-animal sources so allergic reactions are thankfully extremely rare.
Natural HA is broken down very quickly and the effects would last only days or hours after injection. To prolong its effect HA undergoes various different treatments to cross link and so prolong its action, change its viscosity and resilience.
There are many different brands of HA and within each brand a variety of fillers especially manufactured for a particular use in aesthetics. For increasing volume in the deep malar area or jawline we like to use a thick resilient filler that will stay in place and not move whereas in the cheek where there is lots of movement we use a filler that will change shape with the movements of expressions. Using the wrong filler in the wrong area can give an un-natural golf ball type look in the cheek or hard lumps in the lips or tear troughs.
At FACES we spend time at your consultation to plan your treatment and only use fillers appropriate to your needs. We do not bulk buy fillers to save money but order individually.
In a single client you may need three or even four different fillers, each specially designed to work in a particular area of the face.
At FACES your comfort and safety are our prime concern. We are meticulous in our sterile technique and we stock Hyaluronidase, Adrenaline and other medicines for use in the extremely rare event of an adverse reaction.