Keloid Scars

A Keloid is a type of raised scar. It occurs where the skin has healed after an injury. They can grow to be much bigger than the original injury that caused the scar. Anything that can cause an injury can cause a Keloid, this includes surgery, a burn, and injection sire, piercings, tattoos, acne and even an insect bite.

Often the Keloid does not appear obvious until about three months after the injury but then the scar starts to grow.
The Keloid can continue to grow for many years.
They can feel soft and doughy or firm to hard. They usually start out pink.

Who gets Keloids?
Are more common in Black, Latino or Asian skin types.
More likely if the scar is to the front of your upper chest.
More likely if you are <30 years, or going through puberty.
More likely if they run in the family.

Keloids are Harmless:
They may look ugly and upset you by their appearance but they do not do any harm.

Keloids can be reduced in size and bulk by a number of treatments.
Steroid injections into the Keloid is thought to reduce the abnormal proliferation of cells in the keloid.
Cryotherapy where the keloid is repeatedly frozen.
Plasma soft Surgery (Plexr) is very good at debulking a keloid.
Other newer treatments aimed at reducing the keloid by suppressing the immune response.