Anti-wrinkle injections

We use only Botox (Allergan) or Azzalure (Galderma) brands of Botulinum toxin A. Both are supplied by COLD CHAIN from Irish wholesale pharmacists. Following your treatment you will be given written details (by text or email) of the batch number and expiry date as well as the total number of units used.
The following prices are guide. We offer discount for repeat clients and discounts for combined treatments.

Botox Prices:

Hyperhidrosis (Excess Sweating) Both Axilla €400

Azzalure Prices:

Upper Face 1 area €180
Upper Face 2 or 3 areas (125 units) €250
Platysmal Bands (Nefertiti) €250
Mentalis (chin) 120
DAO (jowls) €180

Dermal Fillers:

Lip Augmentation 0.5mls €220

Nasolabial/ Marionette €300 per 1ml of filler

Volume to Malar area, Cheeks, Jawline from €350 per 1 ml


Dermal filler with cannula €350
(Add Botulinum Toxin to Nose €100)


Per 2mls syringe to Face, Neck, Hands or Body €300
(2 treatments recommended 4 weeks apart)



Plexr Consultation Euro 50
(deducted from cost of treatment)

Upper OR lower Blepharoplasty Euro 400
Upper AND Lower Blepharoplasty Euro 600

(Blepharoplasty price is per treatment. Up to 3 treatments may be required)

Smokers Lines per treatment Euro 150

Acne per treatment Euro 150

Keloid per treatment Euro 150

Warts/ Skin tags/ Seborrheic
or Actinic keratosis per treatment Euro 150

Please note: we recommend you use Oxygenetix post treatment until all the crusts have fallen off. Oxygenetix is available in a number of skin tones and costs €53

We use only the Cellenis extraction system to optimize platelet concentration and reduce red blood cells to virtually zero ensuring safe and effective PRP.

PRP Facelift (11 mls) €450
PRP Face, Neck and Décolletage (22mls) €550
PRP Hands, Arms or knees (22mls) €450
PRP Hair (22mls) €450

Add Micro-needling €100.Micro-needling can be done at the same time however we believe you get better results doing the Micro-needling a week before the PRP.

Medical Micro-needling with SKINPEN

Full Face €200
Face and Neck €230
Face, Neck and Décolletage €260

Micro-needling to Scars €200


Superficial Medical PEELS
Skinceuticals Expert Gel Peel €100
Skinceuticals Micropeel 20 €100
Skinceuticals Micropeel 30 €100
Skinceuticals Balancing Peel €100
Obagi Blue Peel Radiance €100

Chemical Peels

TCA €250

Prior consultation is required before deeper peels. Pre and post peels skin products will be required.


Dermatology Consultation €100

Mole Check Consultation €120
(Includes storage of imaging for comparison )

Initial Consultation with Bloods €150
Follow up consultation (includes bloods) €120  

Sunekos Prices:


Sunekos 200 €300 per treatment
Sunekos 1200 €400 per treatment
Nutrakos 30 Days Amino Acid Supplement €75
Sunekos 60% Glycolic Peel €80 per treatment.

Sunekos Eye Area Treatment Package:

Includes 3 Treatments with Sunekos 200 to eye area 7- 10 days apart.
Includes 30 days of NUTRAKOS Amino Acid Supplement.
Price €700 (Saving €275)

Sunekos Treatment Package X 4 (Face or Neck or Décolletage or Hands)
Includes 4 X Sunekos 200 same area
Includes 30 Day Nutrakos Amino Acid Supplement Free
Includes Glycolic peel X 1 Free
Price €900 (Saving €450 )

Sunekos Treatment X 4 Plus Sunekos 1200 for Face
Includes 4 X Sunekos 200
Includes 1 X Sunekos 1200
Includes 30 days of Nutrakos Amino Acid Supplement
Includes Glycolic Peel to Face X 3
Price €1200 (Saving €725)

Sunekos Hands Treatment package (suitable for hands with volume loss)
Sunekos 200 X1 Treatment + Sunekos 1200 X 1 Treatment + Nutrakos 30 day Amino Acid Supplement + Glycolic peel X 1. Price €500 (Saving €355)