Downtime with PLEXR: What to expect

Plexr is a fabulous treatment that really delivers but because it is effective it involves some downtime. The downtime depends on the area being treated, the extent of the treatment, the strength (white or green) of the Plexr setting used.

If you have a lot of redundant skin on your eyelids and want to have a visible result then YOU WILL have swelling for a few days and some discomfort..

Below is a Day to Day guideline of what to expect for PLEXR to the eyelids. Other areas generally involve LESS downtime.

Day 1
There will be lots of small black dots (crusts) on the area treated. You should be able to see the tightening and loss of excess skin. You must keep the area covered with OXYGENETIX, DRY and out of sunlight.

DAY 2 The eyelids will be a bit swollen. If your eyes are sore or sticky you should contact the clinic as you might have got some numbing cream into your eyes and we can recommend drops to help with the irritation.

Day 3 The eyelids will be quite swollen. If you have had a prolonged treatment to both lids with a lot of skin treated it might be so bad that you cannot open your eyes (this would be rare). Don’t worry it will get better. You might need a bit of pain relief and listen to music or podcasts and stay away from the mirror! Keep the area DRY, Apply the Oxygenetix, stay out of sunlight and stay calm.

Day 4 The swelling is subsiding. You are not as worried as you were yesterday that something awful had gone wrong. The area is still crusted over but a few crusts are starting to loosen. DON’T PICK . The crusts need to fall off themselves when the underlying new skin is ready to make an appearance. Keep it dry, Use Oxygenetix, keep out of sunlight.

Day 5 to 7
The swelling subsides, the crusts start to fall off and you can start to see the results. Continue to keep the area dry, use the Oxygenetix, keep out of the sunlight.

After Day 7
When the crusts fall off the new skin will be pink and is very delicate. You need to use a good sunscreen on the area for 4-6 weeks every day as well as the Oxygenetix. Even though the skin is pink you will be able to see the results and so will everybody else.
There’s been some downtime but it will be worth it especially if it’s your eye lids. Being able to open them wide without the weight of extra folds should make you feel it was all worthwhile. You might notice the colour of your eyes more vibrant without the heavy lids. Be prepared for compliments!
It is generally a really rewarding treatment to do as an aesthetic doctor but it is important to be informed of the downtime.